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Adobe Building Workshops

Dibai House organises workshops on techniques of adobe building, taught by local experts in this field. The workshops last for ten days and are offered to groups of at least five people.
Advance booking is required

Price: 750 euro, including tuition, material, and accommodation with breakfast at Dibai House.

About Adobe

Adobe is a natural building material made of sand, clay, water and organic fibrous material such as sticks or straw. It is shaped into bricks and left to dry in the sun.

Buildings made with adobe are similar to those made with cob or mud bricks, and are structures that are very durable; some of the oldest existing buildings in the world are structures made with adobe.
The same mixture used to make bricks but without the straw is used as mortar and often to plaster interior and exterior walls.

Walls made with adobe exhibit excellent thermal insulation properties. Bricks are made with a considerable thickness to increase their thermal capability, and also to provide an enhanced stability to the building's structure. The walls require a large input of heat from the sun before they warm through to the interior and begin to transfer heat to the living space. After the sun sets and the temperature drops, the warm wall will then continue to transfer heat to the interior for several hours.